About Us. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

At Park Capital SA, we are a dynamic group of highly qualified specialists with a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including mathematics, science, engineering and finance.
Park Capital SA level of expertise and diversity fosters a compelling ‘group challenge’ ethic rather than a ‘group think’ attitude, thus ensuring that every element of our investment approach is fully contested, considered and debated from a multiplicity of perspectives.
At Park Capital SA, we empower and encourage our people to actively search for alpha opportunities wherever and whenever markets are traded. Our research is unconstrained by trading style or dogma and we are continually looking to add value by seeking new markets to trade while evolving our methods and models..
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“Park Capital SA business principles are designed to distill and define our key priorities, focus and culture.”

Chief Executive Officer, Park Capital SA



We do not give up just because something is hard. We persevere, adapt and evolve our approaches, constantly looking to optimise our strategies.


We are passionate about our strategies and how they can provide significant value to our clients over the long-term.


We are not purely academic. We aim to produce compelling returns in real world markets for our investors.


We bring a scientific, empirical mind-set to investing. We act on evidence and strive to model and understand all aspects of the investment universe.


We believe that the best way to extract value from leading minds is to encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas in an open environment.


At Park Capital SA, we are an active investment management firm focused on delivering attractive performance and client portfolio solutions, deploying the latest technology across our business to help ensure we stay at the forefront of our evolving industry.
At Park Capital SA, we provide long-only, alternative and private markets products on a single and multi-manager basis. We develop bespoke solutions and fund of hedge fund services which utilise the firm's advanced technology, infrastructure and expertise. We continuously invest in technology, talent and research as we strive to deliver the best results for our clients.
Across Park Capital SA investment managers, we manage US$ 7bn for our global clients, with institutional investors contributing 90% of the group’s funds under management.
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At Park Capital SA, we believe that our infrastructure is crucial in allowing our front office to maintain an uninterrupted focus on growing clients’ assets.
Our experienced management team is committed to investing in infrastructure over the short and long terms. In doing this we are confident that we will be able to maintain best-in-class offerings in Technology, Compliance, Human Resources, Legal, Operations and Facilities.
We firmly believe our infrastructure is one of our key commercial differentiators, maintaining our position at the forefront of the asset management industry and allowing us to constantly evolve and adapt as our client’s needs do.
We use advanced scientific methods to help inform our investment decisions. Park Capital SA believes that technology will play a key role in the future of active management. Our commitment to research in this area can be seen in many ways. We collaborate with the many famous University on machine learning techniques through the Park Capital Research Center, we seek to hire the very best quantitative talent to lead our research efforts and we invest in cutting edge hardware, such as GPU computing. These efforts often involve input from all five of our investment management businesses. In doing this, we are facilitating the effective cross-pollination of ideas, both within Park Capital SA, and between ourselves and the academic community, which we believe will help give an edge to our investment activities.
Investment in technology is key to the on-going success of our business. Park Capital SA’s investment managers trade across many different asset classes, geographies and product styles. We invest in technology to help ensure we are at the forefront of investment and risk management, trading and operations. Our proprietary central operational platform, delivers a co-ordinated process for the firm’s trading as well as enhancing risk controls and expanding the analytics available to our portfolio managers. As regulatory requirements and clients’ expectations develop, this single central system also delivers high quality, timely and dynamic reporting. We believe this capability allows us to respond to our clients’ needs and market opportunities with greater speed, flexibility and assurance.
Risk Management
Robust risk management systems are essential to ensuring our duty of stewardship to our clients. Park Capital SA maintains rigorous oversight of counterparty exposures, group-wide liquidity and balance sheet risk. We also regularly conduct market stress tests to prepare ourselves as thoroughly as possible for potential future adverse conditions. Finally, our Risk & Finance Committee reviews our operational risk profile and challenges the adequacy of risk mitigation wherever necessary. The firm’s risk teams operate across the entirety of the firm, and are embedded within the most senior levels of our organisation. Risk teams are also deeply involved with our investment management businesses on a day-to-day level, monitoring risk concentrations and conducting other quantitative factor analyses.
Compliance & Legal
In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, we are committed to effectively combining accountability with high organisational performance. Park Capital SA’s corporate entities are regulated in multiple jurisdictions worldwide, putting the firm at the forefront of today’s complex global investment landscape. In this environment, our compliance and legal functions have a simple aim: to ensure that doing the right thing is the easiest and most effective way of operating. We invest in the people and processes to support our aim of achieving the highest standards in compliance. Our legal teams are located across all the firm’s jurisdictions, to help ensure that we fully understand the context and impact of varying requirements. We employ a ‘three lines of defence model’ to ensure our employees have the flexibility to create solutions applicable to our clients’ needs, but to do this in an appropriately controlled environment. We believe that this instils a culture of compliance into all personnel. This is consistent with our commitment to run our business to the highest standards, and for the long term.


The Park Capital SA Research Centre is our unique collaboration with many famous Universities. Over the last decade, many Universities has provided Park Capital SA engineering consultancy, assist in conducting pioneering research into quantitative finance, and now focuses primarily on machine learning techniques and data analytics for Park Capital SA.
We believe this initiative is highly supportive of the on-going evolution of our quantitative investment strategies. We are constantly being presented with new and expanding datasets and machine learning has a huge amount to offer in interpreting this information.
Located in the same building as Park Capital SA’s Research Centre, the centre provides us with a direct connection to cutting-edge machine learning research and allows for the fruitful cross-pollination of ideas between the investment and academic communities. The work undertaken at the centre, in areas as seemingly unrelated to investment as galaxy classification and measurement of the height of tides, has directly contributed to our investment methodologies. We actively use machine-learning techniques in our trading programmes and these have become a genuinely value-adding approach for our clients.
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With a trading history spanning more than 10 years, and over 8 years of experience of global investment management, Park Capital SA offers longevity and durability in a rapidly changing financial world. Park Capital SA has over 10 years of investing experience, and Park Capital SA developed its private markets offering with the launch of 3-way arbitrage trading in 2019.