TECHNOLOGY. POWERED BY PEOPLE. Technology at Park Capital SA is about more than fast computation. We believe good technology empowers new ways of thinking.

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At Park Capital SA, technology is at the heart of everything we do. State-of-the-art quantitative trading strategies necessitate state-of-the-art technology at all stages; from market data acquisition and initial research through to model implementation and trade execution.
At Park Capital SA, we believe successful technology depends on bringing together a team of highly talented individuals, giving them the right tools and data, and empowering them in an open and collaborative culture.



At Park Capital SA, we are a group of over 60 software technologists with varied backgrounds including computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering and classics.
At Park Capital SA, our team includes astrophysicists, musicians, and a Kendo champion. We speak over 10 languages. What unifies us is a passion for writing high-quality code.
At Park Capital SA, our developers are organised into small cross-functional teams. Our engineering roles cover a spectrum from developing our platform and core technology (“Core System Developers” or “Trading Systems Developers”) through to using the platform and working with our Quant Researchers to develop trading models (“Quant Developers”). People often rotate teams in order to learn more about our system, as well as find the role that best matches their interests.


Park Capital SA’s engineering culture is open and collaborative: we try to help and learn from one another. We have a flat hierarchy with a `no-attitude` feel, where discussions are always about ideas and never about titles.
We hold monthly internal seminars, bi-annual “FedEx days” (where we take projects, we’re passionate about from idea to completion in 24 hours). All technologists are encouraged to attend the major conferences on the topics they are passionate about, be it databases, programming languages, DevOps, OSS, or machine learning.
We don’t believe in any barrier between technology and the wider business. As such, technologists have opportunities to learn and contribute to all parts of the business. We have regular internal courses and seminars on research and finance topics. Technologists at Park Capital SA have researched, back tested and implemented profitable trading models.


At Park Capital SA, all of our production systems use Linux. We are heavy users of Python and its full scientific stack including numpy, scipy, pandas and scikit-learn.
While most of our codebase is written in pure Python, when we push the performance boundaries of Python, we use Cython/C/C++ as required. We implement the systems that need the highest data throughput in Java.
Some other tools we use:


At Park Capital SA we have gained hugely from open source technologies. Park Capital SA contribute back to the community whenever we can.
  • At Park Capital SA, we have open-sourced Arctic, the time series storage engine that powers all of our internal time series data; as well as PyBloqs, a project we use heavily for internal reporting
  • We are heavy users of Python and its scientific stack; we sponsor and host the Pydata meet up: London’s biggest monthly event for data scientists using Python
  • Park Capital SA attend and sponsor major scientific and programming conferences, including ICMLNIPS, and PyData London
  • Knowing that maths and code drive everything we do; we support maths and programming education and we sponsor the UK team at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad
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One of the most interesting ideas in forex trading comes from what would seem to be a fundamental market inefficiency that would seem very easy to exploit by most market participants. Three-way arbitrage is a trading technique that seeks to exploit inconsistencies in exchange rates arising from trading activity, inconsistencies that supposedly lead to tradable market inefficiencies.
When we have a large group of currencies and all their combinations are available as different currency pairs there is a basic consequence that leads to the trading of several pairs being equivalent to the trading of some crosses. For example, if you are buying 1 lot EUR/JPY it would supposedly be equivalent to going long an equivalent on the EUR/USD and going long one equivalent on the USD/JPY. The idea is that your profits are dependent on the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY exchange rates such that the USD exposure is cancelled and your net exposure comes from the indirect relationship of the EUR with the JPY. The below graph better explains this idea (using the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP).
The three way arbitrate inefficiency now arises when we consider a case in which the EUR/JPY exchange rate is NOT equivalent to the EUR/USD/USD/JPY case so there must be something going on in the market that is causing a temporary inconsistency. If this inconsistency becomes large enough one can enter trades on the cross and the other pairs in opposite directions so that the discrepancy is corrected. Let us consider the following example:
EUR/JPY = 107.86
EUR/USD = 1.2713
USD/JPY = 84.75
The exchange rate inferred from the above would be 1.2713*84.75 which would be 107.74 and the actual rate is 107.86. What we can do now is short the EUR/JPY and go long EUR/USD and USD/JPY until the correlation is re-established.


The Park Capital SA 3-Way Arbitrage Foreign Currency System ™ is a collection of professional academic teams from USA, UK and China that apply sophisticated mathematical analysis to foreign currency automated trading platforms through long-term research at our Cambridge-Park institute. And eventually developed the patented Park Capital SA 3-Way Arbitrage Foreign Currency System™.
Investment target
This programme adopts the 3-Way Arbitrage Foreign Currency System™ strategy, which is a combination of three different currencies. Through the global major foreign exchange trading banks, the daily quotation for locking foreign currency portfolios is calculated by using our huge data and patent 3-Way Arbitrage Foreign Currency System™ program calculations. There is a very short period of foreign currency portfolio price gap for cross-selling, and long-term accumulation can bring stable profits to your account.
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  • Stable Returns
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